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Training for the Telecentres 24-26 September 2003

During the period 24-26 September 2003, RITI dot-Gov organised a course for the staff that will operate the Telecentres within the pilot project.

The course was organised as follows:

The first day was dedicated to general organising, administrative issues. This included a discussion of some practical problems related to the operation of the centres including financial, accounting issues.

RITI dot-Gov and RITI Access projects made a presentation of the general situation of all the centres, of what they would include, how they will operate and what the technical solutions were for each separate one.

Representatives of two non-governmental organisations CREST and CAR made a presentation of some Telecentres financed by them, already operating in Romania, centres that have a slightly different target being focused rather on a communitary approach than on telecommunication services.

During the second and third day, the telecentre staff were trained in basic computer knowledge. They were trained to use the computer operating system, basic programs, accessing Internet or to send and receive e-mails.

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